Thursday, 21 May 2015

Spindler's LIST Shock and Ore !

Maybe it was that reference to an dvd file said to have been found on Ray Teret's home computer, I'm not sure. My burrowing takes me everywhere. I generally end up in the right places though, and this time, I'm led to a film made in 2002 concerning Operation Ore.
Whatever the motivations of the person who uploaded this, I am grateful to them as we all should be, because, it gives us a take on how things used to be BEFORE Savile. Read on
Before the big day of arrests, detectives are given a pep talk by the then head of the paedophile unit, DCI Matt Sartie. He tells them what to expect and how, they should treat their suspects.

'You have just blown the biggest hole in somebodies life ... we've ruined their lives ... if these people have families, some of them won't by the time you leave .. and, for a lot of them, the stress is just too much. So, bear that in mind ! When you deal with these people, bear that in mind'
And, they did ! We are shown an assortment of men including a primary school teacher who are arrested and calmly submit to their fate.
And then there's this ! 
 And this is where Peter Spindler comes in. The tabloids have found out that one of those on the list of suspects is Pete Townsend. The cops' hands have been 'forced by the revelations in the media' and a handful are 'called to attend an early morning briefing with our friend, Spindler

 He says and I quote, 'I made a decision not to treat Pete Townsend any different from any other person on that list. He would fall into the lower class of risk to children ... and the VERY PROMINENCE of his position doesn't give him a particular access to children cos he's always going to have a great entourage of people around him'
Mmm, are you sure you're not treating Mr Townsend any 'different' Mr Spindler, cuz I'm not !
He goes on to explain how his press officer got a call from the Daily Mail two days after PT's arrest saying he'd been arrested on that Tuesday. He says that even his press officer hadn't been aware that PT was on the list ! 
'Very few people knew anything about PT being on the list, very few people ....'  lots of names are going around .. two labour politicians 
'And I can tell you, I'm not aware of any labour politicians . I know the names they are talking about, and they are not on the list.
'Someone's keeping them informed of what we're doing'
Continuing in his vein of NOT  treating Townsend any 'different' he says of PT. 'The tabloid media forced his hand. He had no option but to admit .. ' 
Spindler says he himself was 'more chirpy' later in the evening knowing that PT was admitting things we haven't asked him yet such as his payment to access the site on 15/5/99, and speculates he's been advised to do this by his PR person, not a lawyer !

We're shown footage of Townsend's arrest. He's released on bail and whizzed out of the back door, like any other suspect in such cases !
Townsend claims that he used his real name to access the site in order to 'research and see what's going on. I was planning a campaign to try to shut down the user groups' Not sure what relevance his real name is, he would have had to supply this because it would have been on his credit card.
Whatever, the end result is not jail or ten years on the sex offender register. No, he's treated just the same as any other suspect in these cases and agrees to accept a caution and five years on the SOR. 
This is 2002, Jimmy Savile is still alive yet no one is passing information onto anyone about him, and they didn't in 2008 either. 
Spindler took quite a different approach to the late Sir Jimmy Savile in 2012. Looking on the bright side, at least we know he wasn't on Spindler's list back in 2002. But WHO was ? Get it, who was ?




  1. Curioser & curioser. Very impressive digging. This old Post of mine might seem relevant to all that. As savilisation was going ballistic, Mr.Who was indeed treated differently... In fact HE was told he was innocent.

    "In the interview to be broadcast on Tuesday, Townshend told the BBC: "I got a letter from a policeman three or four days ago who headed up the investigation who said, 'We knew that you weren't a paedophile, we knew that you weren't a child molester.'"

    it was Peter Spindler who had headed up the 2003 investigation.
    Join the dots.

    1. Brilliant Moor, so good to have such great research to refer back to ! What an asshole this spindler is !

  2. Operation Ore is still one of the greatest scandals of our age. 35 men committed suicide in relation to allegations.
    Many people accepted cautions on legal advice. Many other people were never investigated at all.
    The evidence was not of images, but credit card transactions. In fact many, if not most of these, were fraudulent. It was quite simple, but effective.
    Pete Townshend appears to have been one of the guilty!
    The Court of Appeal BTW doesn't want to know

  3. PT appears to have reinvented himself as a victim of abuse at the hands if his grannie. Recent BBC4 docu where spoke at length of his freauent pataking of hallucinogenic substances then said " I don't remember what happened to me at grannies but some dark shit went down when I was 5 or 6" As the Welsh lady in Gavin and Stacey said " I was a roadie for the Who and I said, it's not that I don't believe you Pete, but where is the book?

    1. This abuse was mentioned back then too. That was why he was paying to access a child porn/abuse site, according to him !

    2. His Granny? I thought it was Uncle Tommy?

      For what it's worth I don't thnk the guy deserves to be pilloried especially. What was mind-boggling was to see shiny-suited Spindler saying to the detectives that Townshend was not an active risk because he was so famous, he would always be surrounded by an entourage.... in the light of the way he promoted Jimmy hiding in plain sight, he just is the most risible person.

    3. Exactly ! His reasoning is completely nonsensical. He's not a risk because he daughter lives with the mother and he's surrounded by an entourage. He wasn't surrounded by this entourage when he accessed the site for research purposes. I'm not interested in dissing PT either, it's just the hypocrisy of the whole thing that sticks in my craw. Like the Bill Wyman thing isn't it. He contacted the cops as son as yewtree began and was told they were not interested in a man who openly admitted sleeping with a 14 year old. What would have happened had the Savile cops arrested him ?

  4. Maybe I'm just biased but watching the faces of those grizzled-looking detectives who were listening to Spindler, I got the feeling they weren't believing a single word he said, but he's the guy in the shiny suit that must be obeyed...

    The other thing that struck me was that all the "active" child abuse was plainly being done in Bangkok and then imported in imagery. Nothing was happening in Britain. I can recall a number of TV documentaries about "sex tourism" and at the time it seemed promoted by the telly as "trendy". I recall one documentary in particular where middle-aged women were holidaying in Ghana and hiring "a boy" for the hols. Old enough but thirty years younger than the rich women.

    More pertinent to Jimmy, and it has been said repeatedly... he never owned a computer and he never went abroad (except on a cruise-ship). How could such a documentary be made by the BBC with all the charity/helpline references at the end, and never once did any agancy in Britain EVER receive a call mentionning the name of what Spindler has claimed was the worst sexual predator in British history. The more you find out, the more putrid this whole fit-up is demonstrated to be.

  5. LOL one of them did the classic finger on the mouth thing as he listened to Spindler's BS. Must dig that still out ! How did his PO (press sec) NOT know that PT was on the list ? Baloney

  6. Has anyone noticed the strange re-emergence of Spindler as a mainstream cop commander re the Hatton Garden heist? His mention of 'Keystone Cops' is almost gratuitious given his history. But how come he only spent a year at the inspectorate having launched Yewtree and then returns without promotion? Presumably to a position other than sexual offences. Beats me.

    1. Spindler was moved off sex in the past, and put onto "internal affairs". He seems to be a useful idiot for someone in ACPO. He'll be back... like a well-designed Terminator.

      "And then by 2011, a decade after he began his involvment with the crimes against children it appeared Spindler of the Yard was no longer in charge of looking after the interests of children, but rather in dealing with the crimes of policemen instead:...."

    2. LOL ACPO has changed it's name to National Police chiefs Council or, NCPP for short. Just add an s and replace one of those c's and you have ....... NSPCC !

  7. Off this blog and going back to a previous one. It seems the trust have now changed their minds and are now offering a payout. The bastards!!!!!

    1. It's not their money is it ? This was nothing short of blackmail C***s