Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Defectives - a sequel

I remember seeking out the credits at the end of the show last week. I wanted to see who, or what, was behind this. I was not prepared for what I found. You see, it appears that this 'documentary' was commissioned, or rather, 'ordered' by the BBC as early as March 2013, just 5 months after Exposure !
 Now, I don't know if any other shows have been aired as a result of this order, but I do know what has spawned, and it is this !
 Yes, guys and gals, YOUR licence fee is being spent on fictions masquerading as facts, and YOU are letting the BBC get away with this ! 
The camera's were indeed there to reveal the wall in question. They had, after all been filming Teret from the moment he was arrested by the Savile cops. 

We're told that this 'documentary' will be 'explosive', and I'm sure it will be. As for television category for this sequel ? No doubt it will come under 'factual' like ITV's offering of Exposure. That award winning 'documentary' gave us Fiona and Karin, the gals who helped 'convict' a dead man !
Jimmy was 'convicted' you see, by media that is !
.. a lot of drama, very little documentary, a lot of churnalism, and NO science ! Oh, and don't forget friends, it's not real, it's drama !



  1. The nutters from youtube going Mainstrean - what a hoot.
    Bill maloney should get a series next.... :-D
    What a bunch of con-merchants and delusionists, and that's just the BBC.

  2. Will this be where we finally get to see merry ann's 1971 photo ? Can't wait

  3. From that last Link...

    "Colin added: “I’ve worked in ­documentaries and in drama and the thing I love about documentaries is stuff like that, that you would never write in a million years because it’s so implausible."

    Gotta larf.