Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Surrey with the whinger's on top !

After yesterday's expose from the IPCC or auditor's as Moor Larkin now refers to these people, I thought I'd take a look at what was happening in Surrey. We know there's been a complaint, but when I found out exactly what this complaint was, I was surprised. WHY ?, well because it involves our old friend Det Inspector 3, remember him guys and gals ?
What the hell more could this DI have done in 2007/9 ? It was him that pushed the investigation in the first place, despite advice from the CPS at the time !
So, let's have a look at the complaint made to the IPCC about these officers sometime in 2013
 However, it appears that the complaint only involved one officer to begin with, Det Insp 3
Det Constable 1 is then roped in for auditing too !
Well, would you adam and eve it guys and gals ? The two Police officer's who did the most to progress this investigation are being targeted for special attention. But what of more senior officer's involved at the time ? WHY is no one investigating them ? 
YES, guys and gals, that does say 'not to tell .. about other 'victims' and it does say attended by a Det Superintendent, amongst others. 
Any former Police officer's involved in this fit up are free to contact me anonymously if need be via email. Your information will be treated in confidence. Confidance being something NONE of these officers must surely have in those who are hanging them out to dry, leaving them at the mercy of a hostile, dangerous press and worse !

 I need cheering up ! Maybe I'll watch one of my favourite films, 'When Harry met Sally'. I love the scene she keeps singing afer he's stopped, devistated at seeing his ex wife with a new man ! 

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