Saturday, 9 May 2015

HEY, wanna know how to do a REAL investigation ?

What happens when you pay blackmailer's ? They come back for more, that's what ! It appears more 'victims' have come forward to claim Jimmy assaulted them whilst in the care of Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital Trust (HEY for short) 
So what ? I hear you ask, and you'd be spot on. BUT, had I not seen the mirror article, I would not have read the original report. Read on ...
Too late for a claim via the 'scheme'. But it's never too late to sue the NHS is it guys and gals ? 
We don't know what this 'new investigation' relates to, and neither do the press by the look of it
It seems some NHS employees just cannot resist wasting our money and their time, because Lampard's report already covered this establishment !
Let's take a look at the work of those who reported the findings of their investigation in June 2014. I suggest you read this guys and gals. My hat is well and truly raised to Stephen Jessop and his team. Now, this is how you do a proper investigation.
Here's what happened. 
NOW, read the final sentence of this paragraph and know we are dealing with a smart team of investigators here !
We're talking about ONE allegation here by one nurse relating to ONE patient. This informant is clearly lying and the team know this

Nobody contacted the anonymous telephone line set up after the allegation was made, so the team went in search of the alleged 'victim'. YES, they actually did some work here
The alleged 'victim' was tracked down and interviewed and confirmed that she had NOT been assaulted by Jimmy during this one visit to her ward. In fact, she was actually disappointed that he only said a few words to her as she lay there, in traction.
Back to the team who concluded 
 People do lie don't they guys and gals. But lies require a good memory, something N1 didn't possess

So, what's with these 'new' allegations ? I guess we'll find out in good time. In the meantime, lets relish one member of the public's response to the publication of Mr Jessop's report last year. 


  1. Maybe we should re-inugurate Jimmy's "Nutters Club" and send a trophy to these idiots... that's the pillocks in charge of these expensive legal charades, not the mildly deranged wannabe-victims. As to the likes of Dux, I really hope that in her case there is a Hell.

    1. Never fear Ms dux and her cronies have a special corner in hell, reserved just for them!