Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Sussex shudda sent a woman !

Another day another example of how public servants waste our money. Today the so-called Independent Police Complaints Commission published it's findings into ONE of it's Savile related complaints.
Here's the brief version of the findings of this investigation that began in November 2013
The full report makes interesting reading especially in regard to the role of a certain female journalist who asked not to be named, but I'll come to her later.
The subject of the complaints are FOUR Sussex Police officers of varying ranks : Officer A and B being the main targets as it was they who visited Miss A and took her statement. 
The Police officer's told Miss A her evidence needed corroboration. Something the IPCC appears to frown on

But let's get back to the history of Miss A's claims shall we ? I wonder what exactly made her write that letter to the sun in 2007 ? Back to Levitt guys and gals

The sun were out to get Jimmy that much is clear. Because in the days leading up to ms hackette reappearing on Miss A's doorstep, this happened 
Can't wait to see what the IPCC has to say about Surrey Police. The Police force who used a FEMALE Police officer to investigate the Savile claims in 2007/9 !

Maybe Surrey shudda sent a man ! It's not unusual 



  1. Given that Jill told and sold her story in The Sun and that story was radically different to the story she had told to the CPS, then it'shard to see why my taxes are being consumed to pay the salaries of these lying toads from the IPCC to cover up for the lying cow.

    Tom Jones? You couldn't make it up could you... :-D

    Wonder where the Spindler creature has got to - he was supposed to be working for this fraudulent squad.

    1. Great Moor ! The sun, you can't even read those old article's w/o paying ! Lying toerags !

    2. My bad about Spindler. he went to the HMIC didn't he.
      Gawd knows what they do.
      Who audits the Auditors... :-D