Thursday, 7 May 2015

Duncroft Manor TW18 4XX

Amazing what you can find on the internet isn't it guys and gals ? Now, have you ever wondered what the inside of Duncroft School looked like ? I have, and here it is ! Well, sort of because the properties ( main house outbuildings inc Norman Lodge have been converted to flats. Nice to browse through these pages though, see if you can spot the TV room, dining room etc eh ?



 And, this one's currently for sale if you have a spare half million GDP 
Now, how about a drive out and about ? Click on the link below then go to Street view.
I always get lost in new places, so I've made it very easy for you. Take a LEFT on Vicarage Road as if your back is to the building and the gates behind you.
At the junction ahead take another LEFT
Now, you'll be taking the first LEFT here
Just after that car where that house is this guys and gals, Moor Laine

 Of course, Moor Lane might continue if you turn RIGHT instead of LEFT, but my drive out has come to an end. Get yourself in your car or on your bike yourself. Who knows what you might find !

Happy motoring !

Addendum 8th May 2015
In lieu of Sally's comment, I went back to the property site which provides the following information regarding  the property currently for sale. It clearly states, flat in end terraced cottage, NOT in the manor itself. Here's what the estate agent says about the development of the manor and it's outbuildings in 1996. Naturally, in the refurbishment, many things will have altered, BUT, the manor itself is a listed building and being so the outside cannot be altered or the windows changed.
Make up your own minds guys and gals, I just wanted to show you some photos taken inside the property in recent years. It might be the closest we get to seeing inside unless someone has any old photo's that is !


  1. If walls could talk, what truths could they tell.
    Things that you can find on the internet huh?

    1. The first and second pic correspond with Sally's pic at the bottom. Wonder where Norman lodge is ?

    2. I've been reading that Broadmoor is now posh flats too, or is going to be...

  2. sally stevens7 May 2015 at 17:07

    Those photos are not the interior of Duncroft, but new flats built behind it. A couple of old girls went and had a look around and managed to get inside and have a look. They didn't even recognize the place and Margaret Jones said the same thing; also that she hated what had happened. My photo is from a Home Office visit in 1964, I think. They were making some sort of promotional film so some of the girls were sprinkled about on the lawn, to make it look a bit more relaxed. Mr. Rowe, the handy man/gardener was standing right there, to head off anyone who thought they might leg it while not being watched. I got to be in the film, doing an intake interview with Bridie Keenan.

    The entrance to the school was on Moor Lane, not Vicarage Road, which runs behind the property. When you entered through the main gate on Moor Lane, the hostel was on the right of the gate - a non-descript 1960s red brick thing which has been demolished.

    1. That's not Jimmy's camper-van and the BBC sound crew then... ;-)

    2. Sally, the entrance was on Moor Lane. That entrance does NOT exist anymore as far as I can see by following the arrows on google maps. I stand to be corrected but I believe flat 9 IS part of the old house/school itself. It's listed as Vicarage Road because that's where the current entrance is. IF you turn LEFT out of that entrance, left and left again, you are on Moor Lane, directly behind Vicarage Road so it all makes sense.

  3. Ellen Coulson8 May 2015 at 04:27

    Looks as if they chopped down that gorgeous magnolia tree near the front door - mind you we got those big may bugs off it!

    1. That would be the site where the photo with Fran was taken would it Ellen ?