Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Defectives Pt 3

'You're investigating crimes now, that carry a life sentence .. murders are easy compared to this'
 Rod : We ended up with 17 victims and over 40 charges relating to these victims' Just before Det Constable Carter said these words, the viewer is told that this 'began with five women making allegations' I thought it was just Cathy and her mate ?
Whatever, it's 'judgement day' or days as the trial lasts several weeks and it's Rod's job to keep these 17 'victims' 'on board'
It's Jill's job to check on Cathy who's claims relate to incidents alleged to have taken place over 3 years (March 1973 - March 1975). Four of Ray's charges relate to her.
Next we meet another 'trainee detective' Ruth. She brings a breath of fresh air to the proceedings, she is nothing to do with the Teret case. She's investigating a recent rape and explains that 3 of the cases she's been involved in, returned not guilty verdicts. She delivers the most intellegent words to come out of anyone's mouths in this series when she says : 'sometimes we'll never know the truth' ! 
Cut to newsreader :
Jimmy Savile's former flatmate and chaffuer will appear in court today' Again, the same photo is repeated several times in this episode 
Next Rod is off to see another complainant, Elle who's real name is Helen Moorcroft. She claims to have been assaulted by Teret in the 1980's. Rod visits her and reads her statement
'At the time of the incident, RT was in his 30's or 40's and LOOKED A LOT LIKE JIMMY SAVILE' 
She relates a story of how she met Teret at a radio station' he gave her a lift to a dance class but ended up assaulting her in his car. She mentions the fact she was 15 and a virgin at the time, thus implying that actual intercourse took place.
Now, what Rod says next is quite interesting because, unlike Cathy who obviously went had a 'relationship' with Teret, Elle did not, 'he didn't build a relationship with her .. just took what he wanted'
The narrator puts his spin on this 'Elle's case is different, it's a one off. which means that it's her word against Teret's'.
Elle says of her experience at the trial, she had made direct eye contact with the 12 jurors and felt : 'There was compassion from the jury'.
Eight weeks after the trial began a verdict was announced and cheers rang out across the room. Carol got to do her press statement outside as did Cathy.
 News items on the day continued as they meant, to go on and on
'A former radio DJ who was a friend of Jimmy Savile's has been found guilty ..... '
Cathy returned for the sentencing 
Delighted by the fact he got 25 years. But not everyone was happy. Carol was disappointed for 6 of her 'ladies'
.. out of those 17 ladies, 6 of those ladies the jury didn't find any guilty verdict for their offences .. they are part of a much bigger story and played a very big part'.
One of those who didn't get a 'guilty verdict' was Elle. 'I pinned everything on the guilty, everything and when I found out, I was inconsolable' 
What did Cathy have that Elle did not ? Answer, other complainants whose testimony in the trial followed hers.
'Cathy was followed by three other women who said they were groomed by Teret at the same time in the same place'

As trainee detective Ruth says, 'sometimes we'll never know the truth'




  1. I believed in Cathy far less by the end, than I had in the beginning.

    1. Reminded me of R1 or R2 but I'm plumping for R1 !

  2. Just a thought, why is Elle's case so vague, timewise ? Surely she must know the year she was 15 ?

    1. She didn't seem to know that Ray Teret never ever in his entire life remotely looked like Ray Teret. Eleanor Rigby came to mind.

    2. That should of course have read: "She didn't seem to know that Ray Teret never ever in his entire life remotely looked like Jimmy Savile....


    3. If you had taken the time to watch the program correctly, you would have discovered that she knew which year but was not so sure on which month. You have no idea what those ladies went through. Ray Teret was found guilty by a jury of his peers.

    4. Whatever age she was, the jury didn't believe her, end of !

  3. Wether the jury believed her or not doesn't mean it didn't happen. END OF.....

  4. Rabbitaway, can't believe I haven't seen this before? Why didn't you believe me?