Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Case for the Defense Day 4

While the BBC was busy defending itself post Exposure expose October 3rd 2012 no-one appeared to be challenging the claims made about a dead man who raised £40,000,000 for charity ! Those who care to know what was or wasn't happening at BBC HQ can look at their 'timeline' of events !

No one except Jimmy's family that is ! The following appeared in the press on 30th September and 1st October 2012 Jimmy's nephew Roger Foster gave his reaction to the claims and the forthcoming expose !

 ' .. and the law says you CAN'T DEFEND YOURSELF when you're dead' indeed Sir !

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury I mention the above because I want YOU TO APPRECIATE that, whilst Sir Jimmy Savile may be dead, his closest friends and family members are very much alive. I want you to understand if you can, the agony they must have had to endure and continue to endure since these claims were made public ! You have heard next to nothing from these people, they have been effectively SILENCED by those who pledge a VOICE to the few who they have deemed 'victims' of 'crimes' they did NOT even bother to investigate !

Back to October 9th where I left off yesterday ! This date saw the beginning of Operation Yewtree ran by DS David Grey 'leading the Scotland Yard ASSESSMENTS of the complaints' 

The police had formally recorded eight allegations against Savile, but announced they were following 120 lines of inquiry, covering up to 25 victims of abuse, mainly girls aged between 13 and 16

Ten days later their 'assessments' of the allegations made against Savile would become a 'criminal investigation' but NOT of Savile.

In the meantime, media outlets were touting for stories and offering hard cash in return ! This disgusting aspect of the case was brilliantly covered by Moor Larkin who uncovered this revelation !

 The scandal was by now, infecting every institution associated with Savile and, it only a question of time before this story appeared AND IT SHOCKED the nation !

11th October 2012 
Who can forget the impact this elderly ex-nurse's story had ?

 And then came the inevitable !


Yes Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, just NINE DAYS after Exposure Liz Dux of Slater Gordon Solicitors makes her media debut on Radio 4 on the world at one on Oct 12th 2012

Ms Dux has already been contacted by several women and is already taking about 'payouts'

Time for a break now. Next time I will tell you more about Liz Dux and her firm Slater Gordon ! But whilst you relax I'd like you to think about what I said in my opening remarks on Day One about Fair Trials and the right to equality of arms before the law in this country. I think that you will already agree that such fairness has already been obliterated in the case of the world's media and Justice system against the Late Sir Jimmy Savile. 

I would move to have the case thrown out but I have more to tell you and it might just help OTHERS out there who have found themselves accused of a CRIME they have NOT committed. 




  1. It's not the case for the defence, though, is it, rabbit?

    More like "No case to answer." If JS were alive today, that would be his plea and it would be the right one.

    I shudder to think how many good people, JS' family, you and others, have had to point this out at such indefatigable length.

    It's like being told to prove you're not a werewolf.

    1. LOL PD again you bring a smile to my face ! 'Prove you're not a werewolf' Whoooooo ! :-) x

  2. Well you know the old joke, rabbit.

    "I used to be a werewolf - but I'm alright NOWAAAOOH!

    Jimmy would have approved of that one, I'm sure.

    Still quietly worrying about his family. I do think that what they have had to endure from this is - unspeakable. In the tongues of wolves or human beings.

    Sometimes I feel wolves would have more kindness.

    1. PD - Jimmy's family are delighted with your comment and ask me to thank you ! xx

  3. Jimmy nailed it in 2009, when he was interviewed by Surrey police.

    ".... It's like a Mad-Hatters Tea Party this...."

    1. Cheers Moor I shall be introducing that document as an exhibit in due course