Wednesday, 25 February 2015

God's Day Off Part 2

Must have been hard to be targeted by the press and labeled; 'the last person in Britain to believe Jimmy Savile is innocent'. Not many would stand up to the media onslaught that followed the broadcast of Exposure, the other side of Jimmy Savile on October 3rd 2012.

But notice the date/s on the above because it's just TWO DAYS later that Ms Cope appears to have experienced a change of heart. Her 32 years with 'SIR Jimmy' have become quite a different story !
She now believes she was 'duped' by Savile
But, Jimmy was always speaking in public. He did so at the drop of a hat. And he didn't exactly shy away from awkward questions did he ? As for the 'quiz shows' didn't he actually present a program with that very name ?
Janet is clearly showing signs of stress here. Remember, she's 70 years old, she's alone and everyone it seems wants a piece of her. Everyone including MWT who must have met her some time well before 21st NOVEMBER 2012 when his Exposure Update was broadcast 

 Mr Thomas et al DID NOT make that program in > a week did he ? I could NOT bring myself to watch the whole bloody thing again and fortunately for all of us, I didn't have to. Because Janet appears at the very START of his film. Here it is
For those of you with a nervous disposition, this is my effort at transcription of the few minutes I've watched.

MWT 'Despite decades by his side she never saw Savile do anything improper with anyone. Nor did she hear any rumours'.

JC 'The 30 years I was with him I saw absolutely nothing and had I done so he would have known that I WOULD HAVE CHALLENGED HIM'

MWT goes on to say that she now accepts that he had a 'dark side' and that he was 'controlling, manipulative and vindictive'. 

He then tells the viewer that Ms Cope has 'handed over her archives to exposure' in other words, he either retains or spent some time sifting through material that SHOULD HAVE BEEN handed to a neutral party !

The Mirror article contains much of the testimony that Cope will say on camera. BUT one sentence stands out as a possible explanation for her seemingly sudden CHANGE OF HEART ! IT is after all, perfectly reasonable to suppose that by this time, anyone who worked with Savile might be subject to a whole lot worse than an afternoon with an ex cop.

I don't know what to make of Janet Cope do you ? One minute, he's a tyrant who she claims to have been 'frightened to death of'.  The next she hadn't seen ANYTHING and if she had she'd have jolly well TOLD HIM, 'cos that's my nature'. 
Sorry, Janet but those who change their stories cannot be relied on. That's what I think anyway. I'll say no more for now, and leave you with Ms Cope's last words. To the Daily Mirror on the 17th October 2012 that is !

Addendum added 1st march 2015

Bravo Janet ! Reading Moor Larkin's latest blog post explains a lot. Two brave ladies spoke up this week. Well done gals !


  1. Where are Janet Cope's archives now? Do you know?

  2. When you consider that two doctors at Stoke Mandeville were convicted of child sex abuse crimes - one in 1990 and another in 1996, it's not as if Janet would have been unaware of the "dark side" that can exist in anyone. The cases were relatively low profile back then, compared to the hysteria over Jimmy, but the cases did make the newspapers and must have been a much bigger scandal within the hospital. Everyobody working there would have been on edge about "the children" - teenaged girls especially - since they feautured in both cases. Dr. Salmon has since been jailed again, but the Sri Lankan doctor never gets a mention.

    Anyhow, the point is Janet WOULD have known and even when her resistance has been lowered, she still insists there was no evidence of it to her eyes. We really are into mind-games here.

    I actually had a conversation lasting around an hour with Ms. Cope over a year ago. I am content to wait until we see what exactly is said tomnorrow before I give my account of it. People deserve the chance to be heard before I offer any moor conclusions.

    1. Emm, can't wait to hear her side of things from a source I know to be dependable. Well done Moor !

    2. A couple of old Posts of mine about Stoke Mandeville, that might be pertinent, and possibly helpful.

      ... I'm not hugely the wiser after looking, than I was beforehand, exactly where all this money came from. The biggest single "cheque presentation" I have found was when the UK government appeared to donate £500,000.... Where did the other £9.5M come from? Much of it seems to stem from small efforts either made by Savile and his associating with corporations, or by local individuals fund-raising on behalf of his appeal, but it's by no mean easy to follow the money...

      There were also indications of how the new 21st century NHS Management seemed to become almost became resentful of Jimmy's old-time fund-raising:

      "In his letter of last week concerning Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Dave Fowler the UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate is, I am afraid to say, rather wide of the mark. He is right to flag up the contribution that Sir Jimmy Savile has made over many years to the National Spinal Injuries Centre, but he fails to recognise the investment that this trust has made in developing the hospital in recent years, most notably the multi-million pound investment in the Wendover Wing, opened last year by HRH The Princess Royal."

      There's also mention in that Blog of how Jimmy sort of fell out with the wallahs at the hospital in his dotage.

      "SIR Jimmy Savile withdrew a £30,000 donation to charity days before he died, leaving a funding black hole which urgently needs filling. An arts project for disabled people at Stoke Mandeville Hospital was in line for the cash from Sir Jimmy’s charitable trust but one of the TV star’s last wishes was for the money to be cancelled – to the shock of those behind the scheme."

      All was plainly not so rosy at the last knockings.

      Great Blogpost btw.. I think you have been very even-handed about the way Ms. Cope's story changed so markedly. The facts speak for themselves really and it's good to see them presented in such an unbiased way.

  3. Any idea what the "Fresh revelations about Jimmy Savile and his connections with Stoke Mandeville Hospital" are, that topped the bill on tonight's 10 O'clock News? I'd rather hear them from a more objective viewpoint than the BBC...