Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The 1974 'Strand'

A few days ago I introduced what I now call, the Barnado's Strand of the Savile fit up. Barnado's took over the running of Duncroft in 1976. Fiona is a Barnado's girl as were some of the women who contacted the cops in 2007 ! 
I've always been suspicious of what Fiona might or might not know about the Police investigation, either from first hand knowledge or via her internet pals. One thing has puzzled me since reading the emails my source sent me, and that is why she mentioned 2006 as opposed to 2007 or 2008. First, let me insert one of Jones' emails to MWT as it's the first one I came across just now.
 That's obviously Fiona who has told him she was 'interviewed under caution' etc 4 or five years ago. She wasn't happy when blogger Anna Raccoon picked up on this.
 Here's her response in March 2013
 It's hard to rely on anything that comes from Fiona's fingertips, just as Jones' crew were not convinced of her stories in 2011. But, her emails, online postings etc do provide the odd useful snippet such as the fact she was NOT in Duncroft in 1974 AND, the fact that the Police investigation (Operation Ornament) involved allegations of incidents said to have happened AFTER BARNADO'S took over the running of the school. 
In other words, no one from the earlier intake (1974) had contacted the Police before Jimmy's death in 2011. That's my conclusion anyway. Remember Karin Ward was Jones' number 1 witness, why ? I would suggest because her story was the one he most needed. Her's had that touch of authenticity because of this 
And this 
Ward was never at the Glitter recording as far as I've been able to establish, but she was on that beanbag for Freddie's appearance. How excited Jones must have been to have found her and her tales about the BBC ! Everything depended on her even AFTER his project had been KO'd why ? because here was NEW evidence, here was something the Police in 2009 had NOT been aware of. That Savile had taken schoolgirls to BBC TVC in 1973/4 and some of those girls met other celebrities in a BBC DRESSING ROOM blah blah blah.
Jones used this fact as a stick to beat his former boss with. The fact that Karin had not reported her story to the Police at any time. And why would she ? she did not regard anything that took place during Savile's visits as 'abuse' as confirmed in her memoir.
After Jones' venture went tits-up MWT ran with the stories. He couldn't use Karin, so Fiona class of 76-79 ish became Fiona class of 74 ish. Karin's tales became hers but she did not get this information from Ward who hadn't even been aware of her existence before June 2013.
Here's how Karin responded to her new classmate 
Then this curious bit of information from the same email
I believe Fiona was acting as a conduit if you will. Remember, she had NOT been interviewed by MWT at this stage, and when she was, it could NOT be broadcast. The media needed more than Fiona's crew if they wanted to convince the British public that their national treasure abused children.

And then there was this ! Just two days before Exposure, another 'strand' in the Savile set up. Enter Fiona's pal Bebe 

But I'll let Moor Larkin explain that one to you. He has more to add to this blog post, as do I ! Next time guys and gals !




  1. For his second labour Rabbitaway was instructed to slay the Duncroft Hydra. The beast was nurtured in the marshes of Staines, from where she would go out onto the flatland to raid flocks and ruin the land. The Hydra was of enormous size, with eight mortal heads, and a ninth one in the middle that was immortal. With Larkin driving, Rabbitaway rode a chariot to Staines, and there, stopping the horses, he found the Hydra on a ridge beside the springs of Egham where she nested. By throwing flaming spears at her he forced her to emerge, and as she did he was able to catch hold. But she hung on to him by wrapping herself round one of his feet, and he was unable to help matters by striking her with his club, for as soon as one head was pounded off two others would grow in its place.

  2. If that was all too much like Greek for you, let's not forget that Fiona thought she was elsewhere in time, once upon a time.

    But then things got really mad, because R2 is asked to be moor specific about WHEN all these events happened; and it was the time of the Staines Plane Crash. It's like a Duncroft 9/11 - a defining time-frame that cannot be ambiguous or confused. But you don't have to google very long to discover that the Staines Disaster was in 1972

    1. Ah yes the plane crash ! Didn't Toni/Tonia Townsend say Jim was there in 1972 too !

    2. As one hydra head said to the next, "Nice to see ya. to see ya, nice".