Thursday, 16 July 2015

Off shore Jersey

Before I set away for Guernsey again I'd like to tie up a few loose ends. Dee Coles appeared on our screens BEFORE Exposure was broadcast. She wasn't in the first one or the second - the update, but she was on ITV news the day before.
 I myself find her absence in either of the ITV expose's quite strange. After all, there certainly weren't many women ready to go on camera at the start. Thomas couldn't use Ward, he had more than enough time to squeeze another 'victim' in, so why didn't he ? Of course, at this stage of the operation, the words alleges and 'claims' were still being used, and Jimmy was still referred to as Sir Jimmy ! 
So that's that ! Next, is the wristwatch Jim is wearing in Coles' photos the same or very similar to the one he's wearing at the 1972 parade ? Yes, I'd say it is, but judge for yourself 

Doesn't mean she met him in 1972, it's strictly circumstantial evidence maybe not even that because he's wearing the same watch here, and who knows when this was taken
 So that doesn't clear that one up but I like to examine all the evidence, as best I can. Now, over to Guernsey and this 
Goodness Gracious me ! The vultures were circling alleged off-shore funds that Jimmy may or may not have had. I wonder if they found it ?
This Collins chap makes me sick I don't know about you. Happy days for this geezer who already had Jersey care system claimants on his books, some already paid compensation. Now he could include Savile to his list of targets despite the FACT that claims were allegedly made in Jimmy's lifetime in 2008 to an inquiry panel of all things, yet NOTHING was done to bring this alleged abuser to justice. I mean, it's not as if men hadn't been arrested and charged with such offences. 
Which brings me back to an 'iceberg', the mere 'tip' of which was supposed to be Jimmy Savile.  Here's how Fleet Street does 'possible links' 
 And then this, oh my giddy God, I'm seeing my own 'possible links' here

Now back to the money trail, and why not ? SOMEONE told the Jersey Evening Post a story about alleged bribes to keep the Police quiet. I'm still waiting for the FULL story to be published.

Six years ago ? I wonder if that rumour reached the Jersey Care leavers in 2008, the folks who met with Val Sinason and the Guardian bird ? (See my last post) 

What 'survivors' group is it Dee Coles is a member of again ? Just asking, I need a break guys and gals !




  1. They're just called "Survivors Network"