Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Jersey Girls Pt 2

If I go quiet guys and gals it's usually cos I'm burrowing. These last few days I've been burrowing in Jersey. I also had a day trip to Guernsey, something I actually did decades ago, as it happens. I'm kinda intrigued as to Dee's story you see. Like Karin Ward, her tale changes every time she tells it. First she met Jim in August 1971, then 1972, then back to 1971. This is what she told reporters after her trip to the 'play' just a few weeks ago.
Goodness Gracious, could Ms Coles have got her battle's mixed up ? Jimmy was certainly Mr Battle in 1969 and 1972 but was he there in 1971 ? 
Now Dee like Karin was not in Exposure, her debut was shortly after the broadcast. Here is what she had to say to her local rag on October 4th 2012.
 Here's what she claims she never reported
Maybe the mirror misreported her, post monster play that is, maybe not. It does seem strange that she'd remember the month, the hotel but not the year ! Come to mention that hotel, I looked it up because I wanted to have a look at the car park. YES, she says he assaulted her and her mate, in a hotel car park of all places. I found nowt of interest there but then I looked again at one of her photo's, closely ! Have a look at the reflection in the van's mirror guys and gals. Some kind of building is reflected there, meaning this was indeed a public place. You know where I'm going with this, don't you ?
He forced himself on TWO girls in a camper van, in a public place, twice ? Not only must he have been strong, he'd have had to have had at least three arms. In short, it's bullshit, it's just NOT possible. I mean, here's what she told the Telegraph in October 2012
Need I go on ? 
Dee, you can't have it all ways pet. You can't describe yourself as a holiday maker in one breath then an inmate of a children's home in the next ! in Jersey on holiday and be in Jersey as a resident of HDLG at the same time ! Which got me wondering if Dee might have been party to the abuse claims allegedly made to Jersey Police in 2008 ? But, I'll cover that next time guys and gals.
In the course of my burrowing I came across a video of Jimmy as Mr Battle in the 1972 event. The event did indeed take place in August that year. But, anyone could find this information easily enough. 
 And, here he is in 1969
 And here's the video

Jimmy's 'Queen' for the day on both those occasions, apparently thought him a bit 'peculiar' 
 Now, take a close look at this photo guys and gals, because it would appear that the wristwatch he has on is similar to the one he is wearing in Dee's holiday snaps ! Correct me if I'm wrong or if you can find a colour photo of the above image.
One thing I'm not wrong about is the fact that hundreds of kids and adults turned out to see Jimmy in 1969 and 1972. Many of them appeared to have lived to tell the tale. One of these is Pamela Hale who paid tribute to the man when he died.

Jimmy's wearing the same suit he wore in 1972 by the looks of it and although they are pictured in Jersey in 2009, it was in Guernsey where they met in 1973

 We'll have a run over to Guernsey next time guys and gals. I'll tell you all about this and other charitable events Jimmy attended. It's too late to put a compo claim in via the schemer's scheme, so I guess it won't do any harm to publish a few FACTS




  1. Jimmy hosted two consecutive editions of TOTP in August 72 (and there is short footage of both - in the second (recorded August 25th) he was wearing an Olympics T-shirt

  2. How very strange....
    I've been visiting the same places today.
    I guess joined dots tend to lead in straight lines... :)
    My blog tonight might add/duplicate or help... Maybe all three, I hope.

  3. Here is someone who claimed to be the driver of Savile's motor home in 1971... according to his wife, at least:

    I had a look for his watch, too, but it looks like those auction catalogues have all been taken down now. This might be the one, though, and with an added bonus of a human-eyeball ring:

    Just a note about Coles arrival on the scene - her first interviews took place before 'Exposure' and I read yesterday that one was included on the news broadcast that preceeded MWT's abomination. This seemed strange to me, but I wasn't in the UK to experience the ramping-up of the hysteria pre-transmission, so who knows?

    1. I'll pass on the first link. Just another bandwagon jumper wonder how much he got for his little tales. Thanks for the 2nd though, that certainly looks like it. I have the auction mag so I'll check ! :-)

    2. I think it will have been his wife who got paid - he has dementia. It's a third-hand tale of 'suspicions', suspicions that no doubt arose after being bombarded with media reports presenting gossip as fact. If, that is, his missus even said what she is reported to have said... far more likely that the journo - Tom Petticoat - used the driver's name to add credibility to some more madness dreamt up in the office.

      Personally, if I thought my employer was raping children in the vehicle I was paid to drive him around in, I'd either take it to the police (if I had evidence) or I'd leave the job (if I didn't). I certainly wouldn't turn up for work, week after week, month after month, for a whole YEAR! Reminds me of the Fawlty Towers' dodgy prawns incident:

      “So you ate half to make sure?” In this case, he'd "finally" had enough after 12-months!

      Buried in the article is rather a nice tale, though, and one I'd guess is far closer to the truth than Petticoat's confection: ill man in Leeds hospital meets Savile, Savile helps him out by offering him a job as his driver. End of!

    3. Absolutely, No sane person would keep driving a vehicle and client knowing that rape or assault was going on in the back-if it were true they would be arrested as an accessory.
      Another piece of bullshit that has been thrown into the mix.

  4. Happy to be corrected on this, but SJS didn't "employ" a driver ever! He had a whole list of people on his car insurance who could drive his cars (all friends). He was an atrocious driver and knew it.

    1. re. his Hustler caravan made famous by that interview with a sozzled old Nationwide reporter:

      "Northern dairies sent an executive friend, peter, to keep up with supplies of good foods. Broadmoor Hospital loaned mny good friend Don to drive behind in the support caravan and he was relieved by Perce, the law lord of the Manchester cab ranks, and brother Vince who had just come out of the Navy after 36 years. All in all it was a major operation.

  5. I'm a long time lurker watching the saga unfold. I hope my comments help a little.

    In the window of the Mercedes motor home is a disc is which appears to have a green band across it.

    Discs which EXPIRED in 1970 were brown, 71 green and 72 red.

    To be clear - The colour indicated the year the disc would expire not the issue date. Therefore the image could have been issued in either 1970 or 1971 but would have expired at some time during 1971.

    The discs above it are almost certainly not tax discs. In my opinion they are more likely to be permits of some sort. The bottom disc (green horizontal band across upper segment) has a design that strongly lends support to it being a tax disc.

    A better image would help but pushing the levels around on your image plus a similar one found online reveals green to be the dominant colour. There is very little doubt.


    1. Brilliant I was wondering about the tax discs but no chance of reading them. Nice one G

    2. Regarding the tax disc, here is a screenshot from the 1972 Buckingham Palace visit by Savile (from the video linked-to on 'Jersey Girls Part 1'):

      It's clearly red, and the year is, as expected, 72. July to be precise ("Jul 72"). This is all getting very Icke forum-like! Beats Suduko, s'pose - ho ho ho!

      (Thinking out loud here - having never bought a tax disc in my life - but wouldn't the disc normally cover a 12-month period, which in this case would be August '71 to July '72? Maybe not.)

      The sticker above it is clearly not a tax disc.

      I think I've forgotten why we've even been looking into this, but at the very least it's clear that the media is not to be relied on: the Telegraph with HDLG & all the others with what seems to be the wrong year (apart from The Mirror, who must have got their magnifying-glass out too to try & prop this story up).

      Why there should be so much much confusion as to WHEN the photos were taken is anyone's guess, though - Coles is clear that the date was just before her 15th birthday, so couldn't they have just dug a calculator out?!?

      Anyway, I was searching for something without success, but came across this nice little Savile-story: Jimmy meets his Kathy Bates-esque 'number 1 fan' in 1966.
      What's interesting is that the same tale is recounted twice, by the same person, pre (2005) and post (2012) 'Exposure'.



      To be fair, he doesn't over-egg his pudding too much in the re-telling, but it's easy to see how the same 'incident' can be re-interpreted as something possibly creepy with the benefit of brainwashed-hindsight. (Personally, I think Savile comes across very well - a bloke with a genuine interest in those marginalized by society.)

    3. and yet with all that arcane knowledge, he still spells Savile with two LL's..... :-D

      Jimmy's No1 fan was at Jimmy's funeral wasn't he? Or in the crowds photographed by the media. I'm sure I recall images of him - plainly a little eccentric but he wasn't weatring a mac, but rather a sweat-shirt with No1 Fan on it. I think he might have been covered in badges too.

  6. Bandini,
    Assuming the system was the same back in the early 70s as before the recent demise of the tax disc, you could buy a tax disc for either 6 months or 12 months.

    It would be slightly cheaper to buy 12 months in one go rather than 2 x 6 months but not enough to matter if you were too broke to want to spend 12 months worth in one go. I assume that JS probably wouldn't bother with 6 monthly discs as usually the only reason to buy a 6 monthly for a van you expected to last the year would be lack of money.

    Which month the disc on JS's van was up for renewal on would probably be the 12 or 6 monthly anniversary of when it was first registered unless either
    a) the vehicle had been off the road for more than a month at some stage (not likely with a newish vehicle) or
    b) if a previous owner (if any) had redeemed the remainder of their tax disc before selling it on without one.
    The case of b) isn't likely either with a newish vehicle as most people sold a vehicle on with a current tax disc and indeed made a feature of it.

    1. Thanks for the info, JohnS.

      I've been trying to get my head around Dee Coles age/DOB, but without much success. I'll just drop in this interview with her (from 3rd October 2012 when she says she was 54) as it wasn't working on a BBC Jersey article I'd previously seen but can be listened to here:

      More information regarding her popping up out of nowhere & Savile's incredible strength:

      "Why have you come forward now?"
      "... Because I really got quite worried that these women who'd had the courage to make this programme & come forward were not going to be believed..."
      "I spoke to ITN yesterday, I asked to speak to them..."
      "He was incredibly strong, and he was handling both of us at the same time."