Monday, 20 April 2015

Bad memories !

Do not good liars make and few make a better example of this truism than Karin Ward. But before I demolish at least one of her lies I'm going to get Bebe Roberts out of the way. I'm not really interested in her save the fact that it was her lies that led other bloggers to dissect ALL the Savile Duncroft tales.
She has also formed a friendship with Fiona. Remember her attempts to manipulate Karin Ward with this 
Email FSJ to KW June 2013
It appears that you, me and Bebe have all been publicly attacked. I was accused of forgery, something that was actually done by someone else who I now feel used us.
Bebe is mentioned several times by Fiona in the emails I've seen. I can only assume that the two have formed a bond out of a shared interest, money. 
Now back to Karin, the lynchpin of Meirion Jones' story, and a woman who continually presents herself as a fffff fourteen year old in March 1974. She forgets herself again when she tells Fiona this
Eighteen in 1976 ? That means she had to be 15 going on 16 in 1974 depending on her date of birth. And why is she telling Fiona all her business ? She's already told her that she doesn't remember her at all. She's responding to the nonsense Fi is feeding her including this

You may like to know that I even informed the police that an official document was wrong, concerning you! MJ gave me the ICU register (when I spent Christmas, 1979 with Theo and family in the ICU), Fran said the two of you ran away together and ended up in the ICU and she caught nits from you, so I informed the police, when I gave it to them, that there was a serious omission as neither of your names appeared in it.
Now, Karin may have spent several years of her teens out of her mind but surely she wasn't going to fall for this bullshit.

I have a copy of that photo of you, Fran EDIT Susan and EDIT , because I took it! You should learn that if we as a group are going to get through this, and the many other problems we all have, we need to get together, contact each other and if you want help then allow others to help you. I am not here to judge you as I myself actually ended up in a very serious court case, I was accused of something's that had two mandatory sentences of 10 years inprisonment for each charge. 
That would be this photo would it not ?
Francis Jennings has already outed herself claiming victim status at the hands of Savile, so I have no qualms telling you the following. Fran is NOT in this photo, I'm told she actually took the photo. In place of Fran is Toni Townsend another Savile accuser. And then there's 'Susan' who has NOT accused Jimmy of anything. She brought him to the school in 1974 as a friend. Reading thefollowing almost has me feeling sorry for Karin. Fiona's words sound threatening do they not ?

I have not told anyone else that I am aware that you wrote saying you could not remember if Dr Lidell was Male or female? I am certain that many would be interested in the evidence that you wrote much of others memories....not something I have ever told anyone else!
> . I have no idea of the truth but I do know that your little stunt on careleaversreunited actually upset rather a lot of old pupils. We all know it was Susan EDIT's mother who bought Savile to Duncroft. If you met him in Jersey that makes things worse for you because you were the child, but I personally gave you credit for your honesty when others were really angry with your online blog and much else.

Fiona refers to an article/s published in the Mail and remarks made by the headmistress Margaret Jones whose descriptions of her charges, indicatedthey were the hunters as opposed to the hunted.
I am certain that you got the same sort of phone calls that I got from Fran. The one telling me that MJ was slagging both you and me off and what she had told the Daily Mail about us actually hurt. I ended up seeing a solicitor, contacting the BBC complaints dept. Speaking not only to the various police who visited my home but also Alison Levitt QC from the DPP. Much much more went on. Mark informed me that your account/version could be taken with a " pinch of salt". He felt hurt as he felt you used him, apparently your boyfriend told him never to contact you again in a very rude manner and yet when you contacted him he came running!
Now the Mail piece titled 'they were no angels' Nov 2012 included stories by some of the other girls in (or taking) that photo. The coven were clearly upset by someone telling the truth for once. It's certainly worth a re read if for no other reason than this 
The hackette reporting these words was either not interested in this potentially lucrative aspect of the story, or she was not interested in speaking to anyone who might have a good word to say about Jimmy.
Miss Jones knew the sort of girls she was dealing with. 
She sounds like another brave honest lady does she not ? Janet Cope said more or less the same thing. The Police accepted what Miss Jones said, FACT ! No charges were brought against any member of staff and none of the 1974 women's stories regarding living personalities were seen to be credible enough to warrant prosecuting even Gary Glitter on.
But then Gary Glitter was NOT at, that second group outing to the BBC studios was he a fact that could so easily be verified. It seems logical to suppose that the five gals who accompanied a teacher to that Clunk Click episode were the same five involved in Fran's photo. They'd obviously formed a grouping of sorts. The others were NOT friends of Susan, they merely used her as a way to get to Savile and his gifts of fags and sweets. 
More importantly, I'd suggest that it wasn't only fags, sweets and trips to London that they wanted. At least two of them were attracted to Jimmy. They were jealous of Susan so much so that she ended up having to be segregated from the others for her own protection. 
I'll continue this aspect of the story next time when I take a closer look at this angelic looking demon ! 
 In the meantime, ask yourself this : Why have these women been presented as separate entities when the press must know full well that they are known to each other, some even sharing the same dorm. Would Jimmy Savile have been stupid enough to get involved with a bunch of emotionally damaged and manipulating school girls. Of course he wouldn't ! 
Next time ! 




  1. Journalists are bad enough, but when you consider the CPS, ACPO and Met Police have deliberately condoned all of this, it is plain that for all the internet bellyaching about an Establishment cover-up over Jimmy's "paedophilia", the only cover-up going on is by "the Establishment" over the lies they have explicitly pushed at the public as the truth, aided and abetted by the paper tigers of the press and what seems the active conspiracy of the BBC, which organisation could have cut this all down at the beginning by pointing out that they were all telling stories about the wrong TV Studios.

    Men have been burned to death in the street, hung themselves and others had their lives utterly destroyed by the fall-out from all this lying. These sociopaths must be as pleased as punch with their "revenge on society".... and I don't necessarily mean the Duncroft witches.

  2. Fiona is a cheap bully. She used to try that crap with me as well. Didn't work. None of them had the nouse to stand up to her, she probably had something on all of them. You could always tell it was her by her pompous writing style. Any time you saw "I am afraid" you'd know it was her, despite who she was pretending to be. Margaret Jones was dead right, they were, and are, no angels. That does NOT include other girls who were there who went on to successful lives and wanted no part of this hideous conspiracy.