Friday, 10 April 2015

Is R6 Miss A ?

Before I continue with my 'from the horse's mouths' series I want to consider something I have JUST noticed. R6 in Meirion's diagram has been bugging me since I saw it. Unlike most of the others, she has no link to Duncroft, according to Jones that is.
What she does have is a link to the 2007/9 Police investigation. We know this because she told some of the other 'witnesses' online before Jimmy Savile died. Hannah attaches a number of comments made on the friendsrunited site  to an email to Liz and Jones in November 2011. From P29 (App 12) onwards, we find the following 
31/3/11 (R2) Fiona I was interviewed by Police was anyone else
6/4/11 (R20) I was contacted by the Police as well
9/7/11 (R6) I was contacted but don't wanna do it on my own
9/7/11  (R6) Well he can't say he never visited her like he did in Jersey
19/7/11 R3 Rochelle appears talks about hacking case
30/7/11 (R20) has anyone seen the blog by someone who was at Duncroft
30/7/11 (R20) It's fanstory not fansblog
4/8/11 (R6) I was contacted by a journalist  'HE TOLD ME'  police would not do anything because he was too old 
13/8/11 Karin responds 
Now, let's look at telephone call Hannah had had very early into her research the date is 3/11/11 and R6 appears to know Fiona and all about that letter 

A few pages on in App12, is what Hannah refers to as a 'transcript'of a conversation with Fiona. Not only does she refer to R6, R20 is in their too. R20, happens to be the sister of the girl in the choir incident.

Now we can join some dots. I believe R6 is Miss A in the levitt report. Miss A tells Levitt that she sent a letter to the Sun in 2007 regarding an incident alleged to have taken place in 1970. The reporter urged her to make a Police report, and she did, eventually that is toSussex Police. BUT, read the above snip again. Fiona says R6 spoke to Jamie Pyatt (The Sun), and I have been mentioned in relation to R6 and R1 Karin. Karin was NOT involved in the 2007/9 investigation so it's impossible to know just what she's on about here.
Karin's memoir was online in 2010. None of the 2007 women mentioned her because they didn't know her. Karin did not make contact with the nasties until after R20 wrote her comment along the lines of 'has anyone seen blog by ex Duncroft woman' 
Karin somehow joined in on 31/8/11 two months before Jimmy died and when he did, joined in the 'rot in hell' discussion tween R6, Fiona and R20.
I hope this is making sense guys and gals because, what I'm trying to establish is clear proof that the conspiracy against Jimmy started at the very latest 2007 when the Sun came a calling. 
The hacks were doing their best to link Jimmy to HDLG so

Miss A was having none of it in November 2007 so the hackette was back at the door in March 2008. She filed a Police report BUT refused to as she put it

because she “did not want to be the only one

Now, where else have I seen this phrase ? It's R6 in App12 paraphrase : I was contacted by Police but I didn't want to do it on my own Moreover, she mentions Jersey 'Well he can't say he never visited here like he did in Jersey' 

Anyone spotted the obvious flaw in my reasoning yet ? What the hell was Levitt's 'Miss A' doing on a friendsreunited page for ex Duncroft girls ? I don't know the answer to that BUT Fiona does !
Back to the horse's mouths guys and gals and those emails Fiona sent other Duncroft women in 2013. In one of these, she id's herself as Miss G

Ms A (not Duncroft) came from Sussex and reported to police in 2006/7
Ms B (Duncroft) Witness of abuse in 1977
Ms C (Duncroft) Beef Byriani, 1977
Ms D Tracie CENSORED BY Rabbitaway sister, (not Duncroft) abused at Stoke Manderville.
Ms E Tracie CENSORED BY Rabbitaway, (Duncroft) not abused but also a witness, (I think)
Ms F - fuck knows!
Ms G is me....

Fiona thus acknowledges that she was NOT in the class of 74. She is Levitt's 'Miss G' after all ! Time for a break guys and gals. Anyone who fancies doing a  bit of dot joining please feel free. It's not easy being one a a very FEW folk actually investigating all this ! It's worth it though because he's worth it and so are his family who have to put up with the sort of nonsense the Sun tried on yesterday ! Have a lovely weekend, and never forget !

Those that bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keepit from their own !

After thought, I googled Tracie Duncroft anna raccoon and look what came up ! Is this the 'Tracie' Fiona refers to ? 

Tracie November 10, 2012 at 18:42
Mewsical i am not going to provide a newslink, im sure that you can dig around and find that yourself, the fact that she refused to be interviewd by mwt or the newspapers tells you that she doesnt want the limelight on her. The surrey police sent letters to the girls who were at Duncroft in the 70s asking them to contact them ref a hisorical complaint. I knew who they were talking about before I even called them. I also knew of the abuse that my relative had inflicted on her from JS, maybe not as serious as some that I have read but still abuse. I spoke to her before I called the police and she gave me permission to give the police woman her name and address, from there the police took her statement. You sound Suprised that you didnt know all this, but really there was no reason for you to know, your interest was in girls from Duncroft.

Who else could she be ? 




  1. The only reason for all this secrecy is nothing to do with "anonymity", it is purely to do with the legals controlling the story and covering up all the lies and deceits in the tales so that THEY.. the CoPS and the CPS control the whole thing.

    Corruption starts at the top as Jimmy always knew.

    These folk could be from Mars from all I care. Sometimes I think they might be.

    Well done to your deepthroat source. I admire their courage.

  2. "Ms G’s evidence was that she did not go to Duncroft until after her fifteenth birthday (in fact, given that she says that she was living in Norman Lodge at the time, the likelihood is that she was sixteen or older; she has now confirmed that she thinks she was seventeen).

    I'm going for a lie-down. I have been invited into someone's house - possibly a respected professional person and somehow I have ended up challenging her probity. But I seem not to be the first to do so, the CPS has done so if Fiona equals Ms.G. Is she? I think we should be told. "

    What's the phrase about hiding in plain sight?
    Everyone knew?

  3. So when we read last year "Jill — not her real name — told The Sun", we were reading an elegant double-bluff? Clever, very clever. But then it dawned on me that Jill must be MsA in the CPS Levitt report. I read it again.... and then I read the original story in The Sun, and then I read the CPS report again, and...... well..... It'll be easier to show you I suppose. The CPS report is in grey. The story told by Jill to the journalists is in tabloid red.

    1. Brill Moor, knew you'd join dots. Knackered now. Get back to you later !

  4. I'm the "Mewsical" she is addressing. I know Tracie and found her to be a little more sensible than most. She always posted under her real name.

  5. Btw, Tracie told me that while she was at the school, she NEVER saw Jimmy there.

    1. ... so that would make her Ms.E, if it matters, which it sounds as though it might since the controlled narrative implies she was a witness (even though she wasn't), if I read rabbitaway's post correctly.

      In which case, there may not so much be anything wrong with what she said, but rather the way the cops, journalists and CPS have portrayed what she said.

      Powerful people have been using the less powerful something rotten in all of this. The most supreme irony of all.

      Good to see you here Sally. Your Blog was an inspiration to me.

  6. For anyone trying to keep up with Rabbit, and I am still trying (bloody trying, as one or two people used to say), you might find the following link helpful. As you've probably noticed, the original Pollard reports are not searchable, but some kind soul has put up OCR (Optical Character Recognition software processed) versions of the files, including one big one with (apparently) the whole lot in one searchable file.

    Please note that OCR software is not perfect, so the fact that a search doesn't turn up a term, doesn't guarantee that the term isn't anywhere in the report, but the files still ought to be quite useful in tracking down that nagging phrase you're sure you saw somewhere, but can't remember for the life of you where it was.

    1. Thanks Misa, I tend to do things the hard way !!!!! But well done to u and tent who I think follows me on twitter !

  7. Good on you for keeping at it and untangling the mess!