Thursday, 16 April 2015

FFFFFFF Fourteen Fourteen

Remember that Paul Hardcastle song, Nineteen ? I do, it popped into my head after listening to Wards filmed interview with MWT. Just replace the word nineteen with fourteen. I think you'll get the picture !
Then, listen again to Ward and Thomas. ITV have provided three videos for us. Video two might be an edited version of video one. But, she get's to the point as she's obviously been coached to do by the Exposure team. NOTE, Thomas' emphasis on Newsnight. Ward's anger with the BBC is exploited to the full when Thomas asks; 'Tell me specifically the details you gave to Newsnight ?'
KW 'JS had a girl on his lap ... and she came from Duncroft and she was FOURTEEN, we were good friends ... the girl (with Glitter) also came from D. I think she might have been, not quite FOURTEEN'

14, 14. 14, 14,14 !! Sorry, but who the hell does this woman think she is kidding ? From my research, it would appear that MOST D admissions were 15 or very near that age. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong !
The age FOURTEEN has certain legal implications pertaining to sexual offences alleged to have been commited at the time. Read Levitt's summation of Fiona's case and, more importantly, her age at the time of the alleged abuse !
Cross reference with the Operation Ornament report 
 Now, let's get back to Fiona's attempts to tempt Ward back into the fold in the summer of 2013. But, firstly let's be clear about HOW she managed to contact so many of Ward's pals in the first place. In a message to another ex Duncroft woman, Sally Stevens, Susan Melling (Fiona) says this
See what she's doing guys and gals ? Her messages to Karin show another face altogether. She goes as far as to say she was in the 1974 photo of the girls, staff and Jimmy outside the education block !
 She attempts to guide her to a new 'secure' site for ex 1970's gals
She even tells her she, herself is dying !
Karin's response 

Fiona's attempt to reel Ward in failed. But, she still had others she'd contacted with the help of that database. What a goldmine Fiona turned out to be for MWT. Best keep her sweet eh Mark ?
That's enough from me for now. Time for a break to listen to some music ! Nineteen, nineteen ... Fourteen 


  1. And the CPS refers to "independent corroboration".

    Levit's report includes this immortal remark:
    "When I began my review I made a conscious decision not to read the newspaper reports or watch any of the television programmes about the allegations which have been surfacing posthumously about Jimmy Savile

    None so blind as those who cover their eyes.

  2. Keep going, this is very interesting stuff!

    1. I'll second that! Sterling work, Rabbit.

  3. If she claimed to be dying and to have received death threats, was the claim to being adopted by a BBC bigwig self-dramatising hyperbole designed to woo the BBC?

  4. Meirion and co initially believe that R4 (woman 4?) was the girl that had been seen with GG in Savile's dressing room. They then established that it wasn't her. They never worked out who it could have been, as they say in the statement given to ITV. But R4 remained terribly important to Meirion's story - his lovely diagram all but falls apart without her 'corroboration'. Any chance you're going to be able to shed some light on R4?

  5. Fiona had at least one child - Theo was godmother.

    1. Do you know how she came to be involved in the fete in 1978/9 Ellen ? send me an email please Nice hearing from you again by the way ! xx

  6. Fiona was the adopted daughter of Alastair Scott Johnston, the producer of the successful The Navy Lark for the BBC for many years. That's established fact.