Monday, 6 April 2015

Honestly Mark ?

Maybe he's just thick ? Maybe he actually believed the shit Fiona told him. Who knows ? Not me, but here's something I know that neither him or Jones knew in November 2011 : Fiona was NOT at Duncroft in 1973 or 1974. What's more, contrary to Jones' diagram, she HAD been in touch with the cops in 2008.
I believe that Fiona (R2) is Miss G in the Levitt report. And, like Jones before her, the QC had cause to doubt 'G's testimony when they met. After all, she did not tell her that she'd taken part in Exposure did she ?
Let's take a closer look at Miss G shall we ? Here's what she told the Police in 2008. Her taped interview was made available to levitt

Now, according to Levitt, Fiona is one of the FOUR 'alleged victims' of Savile.

I cannot understand why no one bothered to ask Fiona how old she was at the time. Ms Levitt however concludes
'G' describes some story about hand jobs that become blow jobs depending on whom she's speaking to. Then comes the LIE and my question : why was she allowed to get away with this ?
 The cops saw things rather differently 
The above is at P42 Levitt
Fiona was not very forthcoming about her age at the time of the alleged incident, with the cops in July 2008. The Operation Ornament report into the Police investigation sheds more light on WHICH year Miss D, as she is known here, attended Duncroft
Strangely enough, Fiona (Miss D) was a late comer to the Police investigation. She was the last to be interviewed and she was found on friends reunited !
Now, let's go back to Fiona circa October 2012 shall we ? Here she is with Thomas on her sofa talking about the good old days.
MWT 'Fiona then just fourteen'
Er, no she wasn't Mark !
MWT 'She also claims Savile went on to abuse her at BBC television centre'
During 'Clunk Click' ? I think not Mark, because she was NOT in Duncroft in 1973 or 1974. Moor larkin covered Fiona's appearance in Exposure in his excellent blog post. And, as MWT is wont to utter : 'We now know ...' that Fiona is a liar and it's time YOU came clean and admit YOUR mistakes, if that is what they were !


  1. Levitt report Page 85 208 ......Ms G’s evidence was that she did not go to Duncroft until after her fifteenth birthday (in fact, given that she says that she was living in Norman Lodge at the time, the likelihood is that she was sixteen or older; she has now confirmed that she thinks she was seventeen). So she admits she was more likely to be 17. How many times will her age change to accommodate her story. If born in 1960 she would and if she went to Duncroft after 15th birthday she would have not been a resident until 1975 at the earliest. Oh dear!

    1. But, this is a woman still presented by Thomas as a 'brave' woman. High time BOTH of them answered a few questions !

  2. Honestly, Rabbit, you are spoiling us this weekend.
    Just a slight quibble, if you'll forgive me, though...
    I think MJ's diagram puts R2 with, more or less, the group of women who had been to the police - she perhaps not counted under 'WOMEN' because she has her own code [R2], but she seems to be associated with those who have spoken to the police...I think!

    You obviously have a rather better handle on who's who than I do. I'm afraid I rather struggle with all the codes, so I hope I've not misunderstood this.

    1. It's not clear is it ? But the diagram indicates otherwise !

  3. Karin has long been known to have been 16 when she DID got to Clunk-Click.

    The media telling us they were 14. Liars.
    The inherent condoning of this untruth by the police makes them no better.
    It's always been going on in plain sight.
    They have the power, so they don't care.
    The truth is what they tell you it is and they have made themselves congenital liars.

    The facts are out, and it took a rabbit to dig them out the ground. Well done.
    My contempt for the media/police/CPS conjunction is complete and utter. I no longer believe a word they say. I just have to swallow their lies because they have the power to force-feed.

    And to think that 90 year-old war heroine was upstaged by these lying shysters not so lon ago just makes it clear that they're not just fibbers, they are immoral and disgusting liars.

  4. Perhaps BEST magazine should look into the truth and when they realise that they were hoodwinked, they may just ask for the award back. What a swoop running the real facts.

  5. Rabbit, I'm a little late coming back no this, but I think there are a couple of points you might want to consider.

    Firstly, as I mentioned above, re MJ's diagram, I think he's indicating that [R2] had spoken to the police - though I agree it's not terribly clear - and this fits with his comments at the Pollard enquiry. He believes it's very important to the whole process that he has (he believes) new evidence that Surrey Police did not have, and that this is the evidence given to Newsnight by [R1]. It appears to be only that evidence given to Newsnight by [R1] which has not been given to the police. There is no suggestion that [R2] has not spoken to the police, but the Newsnight team *believe* R1 certainly hasn't spoken to the police.

    Secondly, and I think more importantly, particularly given what you've written above, I think it's worth looking again at the Levitt report's Ms B:

    Ms B reported to Dorset police, as a wtiness, NOT a victim.
    Ms B's the one with the catchphrase 'Ooo, beef biryani'.
    (The 'victim' Ms C didn't recall Beef Biryani, and wanted to smash B in the gob).
    Ms B gives differing accounts and is of doubtful credibility.
    Ms B is 'highly intelligent and able to articulate...'
    Ms B's conversation with the police lasted two hours and needed three tapes!

    Remember Newsnight were always struggling with one woman who Hannah thought was welll...sorted, but Liz MacKean was less convinced by? A woman who they were reluctant to call, as you never got off the phone in less than two hours, but was clearly highly intelligent and articulate?

    At the same time, Levitt's Ms G was talking off:
    Combing and massage
    Being asked to give a blow job in return for a job at SMH
    The police got her to start talking about the TV room, but then Ms G went off at a tangent and they never got back to the subject.
    She was in poor health.
    She did appear on TV and went rather further on TV with her allegations than she had with Ms Levitt...

    It's obviously pretty difficult with different people saying different things in different situations, but...I think this is worth looking at again.

    1. Like trying to eat a bowl od alphabet soup with a fork... ;-)

      The cops know who is who and what is what but Yewtree only works because nobody else has a fucking clue what's going on.... :-D

    2. See my next blog post, words from the horse's mouth !

    3. Looking forward to it, Rabbit!

  6. Something about that final picture - the posture troubled me, and I couldn't put my finger on why. But you remember Moor had that picture of Jim and Janet walking away from the camera with an umbrella...

    Holding a bucket of water in the air whilst you pose for a picture isn't going to be easy at the best of times, but I reckon that's a picture of a man with back pain.