Monday, 27 April 2015

Debbie Cogger, the new girl at Duncroft

No press or television show has bothered to get to the facts behind the Savile claims. Well, here's one : Cogger arrived at Duncoft Friday 1st November 1974 
This is an extract from a diary that exists. The Police etc would not have been interested in seeing this as part of Operation Outreach, so it managed NOT to get lost like Jimmy Savile's own diaries.
Is it half term ? The reference to 'no school' indicates this. That entry for 1st November reads : 'No school feels weird New girl (Debbie) 
Jimmy Savile appears on the following Friday : Jimmy came up brought records and posters' The author has met Jimmy several times already. She is not starstruck like some of the other gals and more importantly, she has never claimed to have been abused by Jimmy. For Cogger, Friday will be her 1st sight of Jimmy at the school. He brings records no doubt to play in the common room with the girls and cheers them up.
Now, what we have to remember guys and gals that this was not a holiday camp, this was a special school for emotionally damaged young girls. Imagine how excited they would have been to meet this pop star and get to visit London etc, under strict supervision that is !
Note the reference to the 'van' on the 9th : Went out in van, got some clothes from Top Store. Was Top store the precursor to Top Shop ?
The author recounts the mundane atmosphere that was only broken when a girl absconded (a regular thing by the looks of it) or events such as a 'sherry party' on the 6th December with the staff. No alcohol mind you but 'lots of drinks and lots of fags' 

Now, believe it or not, the author was actually interviewed by MWT for Exposure. Her contribution ended up on the editing floor. Why ? because she was not claiming that she was abused by Jimmy. She could NOT corroborate the others' claims either because all she had heard at the time, was gossip amongst the girls.  She KNEW the girls who went for a ride in his car. NONE of then recounted stories of blow jobs or anything that would be considered assault at the time. Wandering hands was the expression. Which made me think of this !
 Something as innocent as a tickle in 1976 became molestation in the days leading up to the Exposure broadcast on October 3rd 2012.
You can read her story here if you want 
Is this the sort of thing that went on at the school ? That is exactly the picture that is being formed in my mind based on witness testimony. No assaults, no sexual acts performed in the car on a ride 'down the lane'. Just innocent banter and playful physical contact. 
Now, one thing that is very important for you the reader to know, is that my source was actually part of Fiona's FReunited group. Fiona conned her into believing she was another Fiona who actually WAS at D at the same time as her when she was not. She therefore believed that her and Keri etc might be telling the truth about Jimmy. A smart woman, she eventually realised she'd been lied to and that is why she came to me.
Next time I'll tell you more of what my source saw at Duncroft but think on, she did have a friend called Fiona. Fake Fiona used this information to ensnare a woman who was there at the same time as Karin Ward. Ward was resistant to the FR gals advances so others were needed to provide much needed information and contacts. 
My source has NO IDEA whether the claims made against Jimmy are true or not. She has her own mind just as she had back then. Her words remind me of another brave lady and friend of Jimmy who spoke her mind honestly and without fear of reproach
I'm so grateful to my source for choosing me to help her put some of the records straight. She remember's Jimmy as an extrovert, someone who would lift others up not bring them down.
I wished Jimmy Savile had shown up at my school ! To be continued !


  1. The only person getting kissed at this school was the Headmistress... ;-)
    Much to the delight of the pupils it seems.

    “I remember raising funds for some charity and Jimmy Savile came to the school to receive the money. He jumped onto the stage in striped trousers which looked like pyjamas and gave Miss Longworth a smacking big kiss on the lips. She was not amused, even more than normal not amused. We all cheered and had a great morning.”

  2. Re: Sylvia, the woman who's life was completely ruined by a bum pinch - she was so backward at coming forward she'd managed to get the Kursaal's guitarists rosette that day

    1. Noticed a bunch of sailors in the audience at 2.08.
      "The Navy Lark" was produced by Fiona's dad.

    2. I don't care who her dad was Moor. His connection to the BBC is irrelevant. Fiona lied about being in D in 1974. Time some more honest women from D came along. Where are the 100 + out reached ?

  3. re. the playful contact.
    There would be a big difference between consenting adults as per Jimmy and the 18 year-old (some contend she was actually 19 or nearly so) Top of the Popper was concerned and Jimmy taking any chances of being misconstrued with much younger teenagers in an Approved School setting.

    I know how tempting it is to try and give these stories what credibility you can and assume these ageing women haven't just make this whole thing up, and maybe there is some kind of kernel of truth behind it all, but I think the conclusion has to be that they have told so many needless lies about their ages and other circumstances, that they have only ever been intent to deceive.

    I mean, all the stories would be just as offensive if the "girls" had been admitted to have been 16 or 17 as they actually turn out to heave been when they knew Jimmy. The only reason to lie about their age is to turn it from an unsavoury conduct discussion into a legal one, with Compo in prospect; plus a media payout for the stories of "paedophilia".

    I came to the conclusion that there is not one single true story in Exposure. The whole lot of them were frauds in one way or another, and that includes the journalists.

    1. Attempting to give the stories 'credibility' I am doing no such thing. Which part of my source's evidence would you like me to overlook ? As for the TOTP's thing, it's not about consenting adults. It's about a character trait. Jimmy was a playful man, you only have to look at the videos with children. I believe he behaved in more or less the same way with older 'children' teenager's. But such behaviour is NOT abuse and should not be twisted into such by liars 40 years down the line.