Sunday, 26 April 2015

Outreach : what no one is telling us !

Remember Operation Outreach, the one that investigated claims made by some ex Duncroft women that they had told the staff that Savile was sexually abusing them ? Here's what we were told about this 
 100 pupils questioned, yet NO charges arose out of any of those interviews. I find it strange that upon it's closure no report was ever published into the findings. All we and those 100 + gals got was a letter !
Now, bear in mind, this was NOT about Jimmy's 'offending'. that was something the cops accepted anyway. This was about reports said to have been made to Miss Jones and her staff, at the TIME of the alleged assaults.
Here's one of the first to accuse to implicate the staff, Francis aka Sandra 
Fran wasn't alone, another who claimed to be in D in 1974 is Deborah Cogger, who sold her Savile story to Bella Magazine. She's another whose age varies according to circumstances. Here she is on the Voy forums in August 2012, courtesy of the raccoon blog
In the cash for stories arena she's in D in 1973. She says she'd been there 6 months when Jimmy first visited 
The title of the article is fitting isn't it ? I don't believe her, do you ?
She gives her age as 52 in October 2012, so there's a good chance her birth year is 1960. She then tells us she marries for the SECOND time in 1979. Two marriages by the age of 18/9 ? I think not pet !
It was Cogger the hacks questioned when it was revealed that Angela Sullivan was going to be involved in outreach ! Sullivan had worked on the 2007/9 investigation and the media were NOT happy. Not happy one bit that someone involved in a proper Police investigation lasting two years that found insufficient evidence to charge, was now involved in the Duncroft investigation.
We're told that Sullivan is DCS in Ornament. She comes in for a lot of stick including this from another EX Surrey Police constable
 What came of this complaint I wonder. Who made it and WHY  ? Fiona knows Sullivan, from 2007/9. Did she interview her ? The former did say the fake letter was from Sullivan
I wonder how Fiona managed to get the year she was interviewed wrong ? Is 2006 the year she and her pals began plotting Jimmy's downfall ?
To be continued guys and gals !


  1. It's fairly plain that Yewtree's own statistics do not match the media-crimes. There are only three Duncroft crimes even reported for 1974, and nearly half the crimes occurred before Jimmy ever even visited the place. The whole thing is complete bullshit.

    "... It was alleged that Jimmy Savile treated Duncroft like a “paedophile sweet shop”. The numbers make no sense at all in this respect. The numbers reach a peak of three in 1974 and then there is just one in 1975 and none at all in 1976. What sort of offending pattern is this, where having achieved ‘open-house’ the ‘paedophile’ then ceases to offend. As with everything about Operation Yewtree, once you look behind the rhetoric, even their own information does not back up their contentions."

  2. Great blog as always, ashtonishing work!