Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Manipulating Fiona

Did any of you out there ever wonder WHY Jones described his interviewee's as 'extremely manipulative' ? After all, he only met SOME of them briefly !
Of course he'd been taken an interest in their online shenanigans since 2010. He must have, got an idea of what sort of people he was dealing with. If he didn't, I certainly have and what's more I have the evidence to support this. Read on guys and gals !
Yesterday, I provided evidence that Karin's story about Freddie Starr could NOT be true because he had NEVER appeared on the same show as GG.  Fiona put this FACT to Ward who was not, at this time, playing the game. Who gave Fiona this information ? Several girls attended that show including one Toni Townsend ! The same Toni Townsend who came up with this load of bollocks !
Toni manages to somehow feature in a photo (above) said to have been taken in 1972. The only problem being is that she is also visible in the now infamous 1974 photo alongside Karin Ward and others. Could she have stayed two years at Duncroft ? I think not ! You can read Moor about her story here in moor's blog
Karin green/blue jacket with Toni/a 1974. Another liar exposed or, is it a case of shoddy journalism because another woman who attended at the same time as her and was at the same Clunk Click show is a woman called Jeni Hooker.
Unlike Toni, Jeni made NO CLAIMS about Jimmy abusing her or anyone else for that matter. In fact, she almost falls victim to the online predator Fiona who contacts her via Facebook in the summer of 2013 around the same time as she messaged Ward !
Fi to Jeni

 Jeni responds
Refused to speak to BBC Newsnight ? She's clearly attempting to reel Jeni in and what she says next demonstrates just how low she is willing to go when she calls Miss Jones the headmistress a liar.
Jeni is clearly new to the site, maybe she needs a friend. Fiona is happy to be that 'friend'.

So, on a lighter note, I came across a reference to Fiona's photo album, the one she shows MWT in Exposure. One of those photo's, is her in a school uniform, this one ! Note, the words, Holt School 1974
Naturally, I set about looking for any reference to Holt school but drew a blank. Funnily enough though, I did come across this interesting thread on Digital Spy of all places. Check this out !
Here's the newspaper article he/she refers to 

And, by gum, he/she is right. Jimmy is wearing the same track suit in BOTH pictures. We KNOW the one that says 1979 IS 1979 and that's Fiona in the stocks during that fete. BUT, was the other photo 1974 ? I think not guys and gals ! 

Anyone else wanna join the queue to throw a wet sponge at her on the right ? Pass me a sponge Jim !


  1. Holt School .... 1974?
    Then how could she be at Duncroft in 1974 too?
    It's pretty obvious that she was never at any Clunk-Click, yet if you watch "Exposure" you are most certainly told she was.

    Very soon after the sequence above, the Exposure narration says this:

    She also claims Savile went on to abuse her at BBC Television Centre. Savile would invite Duncroft girls to be among the audience who used to sit on bean-bags during the recording of Clunk-Click as this 1974 clip from the programme shows.

    So now, we are left with no doubt. Fiona seems most definitely to be claiming to have been at Duncroft in 1974 and been at a Clunk-Click recording in that year.

    Manipulation is the name of the game.
    The CPS seem to be very good at it... Must be all that training in the law and stuff. Remember the law? We're supposed to believe in it. I used to, until I realised what a bunch of liars they are.

    1. It's looking more and more like Fiona was in Duncroft in 1975, the same year Rochelle was supposed to be there. The plot thickens and there's more to come !

  2. Could it be The Holt School, a girls' school in Wokingham?

  3. And Moor has kindly jogged my memory with his mention of Munich.

    The Pollard files contain notes on [R2] setting things out for researcher Hannah. [R2] tells Hannah all about who was doing what at Duncroft, and when asked when it all happened, [R2] "Said it was definitely around the time of the Saines plane crash, because it blew [R27] and [R28] across the room in Duncroft and all of the windows were boarded up."

    18 June 1972

    1. It's like a Duncroft 9/11 - a defining time-frame that cannot be ambiguous or confused. But you don't have to google very long to discover that the Staines Disaster was in 1972, which makes a nonsense of well, pretty much everything - in terms of dates.

    2. A Google result for: Duncroft Staines plane crash

    3. Moor, bloody hell. I'd completely forgotten that you'd written about that before. Memory is a very strange thing. If there's really is such a thing as reincarnation, I'm all set to come back as a f***ing goldfish.

      Anon, thank you for that. It's a pretty decent read. If people are going to weave their fantasies around someone else's story, they might as well make it a good one.

  4. It's just been pointed out to me that I mistakenly put Karin in the stocks. I had meant to write Fiona of course, so I have amended that sentence accordingly !