Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Wanna be in my gang ?

So much to say let's get on with the show ! This one 
 Maybe my pc is trying to tell me something by pixxing Freddie Starr's image in the above photo taken from his appearance on Clunk Click in March 1974. Much clearer is Karin Ward there behind him on the bean bags. The images of innocents are usually protected are they not ?
Now, let's confirm some FACTS about that particular show shall we ? One being that whilst Freddie and Gary Glitter both made appearances on Jimmy Savile's TV series' Clunk Click, they NEVER appeared together on the same show.
From the horses mouths, I have obtained evidence that Karin sought assistance allegedly from 'Fran' when it came to writing about Glitter for her book.
The above is another extract from an email Keri sent Fiona in June 2013 (see previous post). Fiona is attempting to befriend/manipulate Ward, who knows why. One thing is clear, Fiona knows that Wards story about Glitter and Starr is rubbish, a fact she could only have gotten from someone who WAS at the show.
Karin's schoolmates knew the story was a lie, maybe Jones had sussed that much out too hence his need to find SOMEONE to corroborate the bits of Karin's stories he could use. That someone turned out to be Fiona who as much as admits this in her exchange with Ward in 2013.

The Daily Mail story she refers to is this one
Which contains this photo of Jimmy and 'Fran' Francis Jennings who WAS at Duncroft at the SAME time as Karin and Kathleen Webb amongst others.
Miss Jones was rightly pissed off with the woman and their tales. Tales they never relayed to her or her staff either at the time or later.
 Now, let's leave 1974 for a while and move onto October 2012. Karin had been interviewed on camera by Liz MacKean in November 2011 FACT !
She was also interviewed by MWT for his soon to be, award winning Exposure. Problem being, he could NOT use either interview because of the claims she made about Starr. Remember, she was furious about this still in June 2013
Part of Wards interview with Thomas was included in a ITV news story the day Exposure aired. Freddie is not mentioned AT THE TIME but Gary Glitter is. He is fair game after all, who cares about defaming his non existant reputation. Note how she speaks in an almost staccato voice as she describes the WEEKLY trips to the BBC studios. YES, I did type that word weekly ! Then the alcove that maanges to contain a couch of all things.

Freddie was named but had taken out an injunction against that was lifted almost as quickly as it was applied !
FIVE MEDIA organisations ! Poor Freddie he didn't stand a chance did he ? 
The Yewtree bandwagon was to start a rolling and Freddie was the second person, after Glitter, to be arrested by the Savile cops. They did not release him name straight away. MWT beat them to it !
To be continued ! 



  1. Media and legal authorities lying in plain sight.
    No wonder they've been playing Scrabble in their reports.
    Gimme a L. Gimme a I. Gimme an A. Gimme an R.
    Whaddya got?
    A load of cobblers Sir.
    Never mind. Arrest them anyway. Nobody else will know what we know.
    For ours is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory...

    May they rot from the head.

  2. Oh what a wonderful tangle.

    I may be a little slow...again...but what's going on with the decision to drop Karin from Exposure, but use her on the news? And I wonder how much of her story Newsnight could possibly have broadcast. All that stuff about Rippon and co not having seen the interview when they made their decision, but surely they'd have had good cuase to rise the bar higher still if they'd seen the claims that were being made.

    1. Freddie had an injunction, then it got overturned, then Ch4 somehow had BBC archive film proving him a liar because he said he'd never met Karin... Surprise Surprise... Look behind you!! next thing was he was The Fugitive.

      If you read Anna Raccon's story of Susan, then you will realise SUSAN did have an encounter with Freddie and Freddie amused her by playing a trick on Jimmy.

    2. I should add that naturally freddie wouldnlt remember a goddamed thing about any of that, because for him, it was just another day in another TV studio.

      For the Duncroft gals, it was a day to remember, and when they didn't they just made up a story to fill in the gap, and the CoPS believed them because that was what the CPS told them to do.