Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Exposer's Exposed !

One 'Miss' from the Levitt report has been bugging me since I found out who she is.
What a bloody WASTE of time any OUR money that report was. Let me explain, here is how Tracie and her sis are described in Levitt. Miss B is the one who came up with the TV room beef biyani nonsense by the way.
Here's the list according to Fiona 
Miss A not at D but reported to Police 2007
Miss B witness of abuse See next
Miss C victim of abuse 1977 Beef Byrani
D Tracie's sister
E Tracie 
F uck know's
G 'me' 

Read her sister's statement to the Police, 'she might know of others' plural ! Strange thing to say when the only other you claim to know is your sister !
Tracie didn't want to speak to Levitt who managed to assume from that the following

Tracie's sister didn't refuse when MWT came a knocking in 2012. She's actually featured on camera as 'Sarah'. Credit for this earlier t bit of detective work to Moor Larkin. 
Try not to LOL at that 'her family know nothing' nonsense.
Here's the 2007/8 version of the alleged 'assault'
Larkins conclusion ?
Nice one mate

Here's how Fiona describes Tracie or Tracy as she called her on CLR in May 2012.

The only other thing I know is certain people have not been asked to join this other group. I was asked to stand assurance for  (my opinion is she is an adult and has her own views and can make her own decissions) and Sheila  has not been asked as she is friends with a Barnardos girl called Tracy  and it was BLANK who set fire to Queen Anne. Nobody really trusts Tracy..
Now, bear in mind this is a censored extract from a post she made to another ex Duncroft woman. She posted as Susan Melling. Does this woman lie straight in bed ?
Getting back to Tracie and her sis. It does seem strange for them to report such a minor incident as the one they describe don't you think ? Was the sister in touch with the Beef Byrani gals ? Had the three of them conspired to contact the cops in 2007 ? Notice how Thomas never informed his audience of 'Sarah's' link to Duncroft (her sister) again credit to ML. 
I wonder when Tracie first contacted Thomas ? She is certainly a fan of his. Imagine my surprise when I found Tracie on Twitter. She uses her real name so I've censored it, just in case. Now, it could be that this is NOT the same Tracie, but I think she is !
To MWT 12th January 2012

Justice is rarely the outcome if they are famous, to many people willing to cover for them

In response she says rather tellingly 

now r they sure that he is not to old to be charged!!!!!!
She RT'd this Thomas tweet on 20th Sept 2012
What do you make of this reader ? She sounds like a bitter sort doesn't she ? What's more she's clearly someone who's been in touch with Thomas at the start of his attempt to stitch Jimmy up. Who knows she may be one of Jones' a'R'ses. I don't care because she's just another nasty piece of work, willing to tramp all over Jimmy's grave. And, for that, I despise her and her mates ! 


I've altered my blog slightly because I think I may have got the sisters mixed up. Strangely enough someone purporting to be Tracie's sister. found herself on the raccoon blog, exchanging comments with Sally Stevens. WHY she chose to call herself 'Tracie' ? Who knows ? Judge for yourself. It would be great to hear from either Tracie or her sister, but I'll not hold my breath


  1. The idea of "independent corroboration" in the age of the internet and privates forums is a nonsense.

    That police connive and use internet Agent provocateurs was amply demonstrated in the prosecution of Graham Ovenden, and "Minty". She was also very well-known to the mainstream media. The entire faux-justice associated with this angle alone leaves the prosecuting authorities exposed as tricksters.

    This was the story of Minty.
    Minty even came to my comments, just to show there were no hard feelings on her part.

    Be nice to hear in here, from Fiona, Charlotte, Angie, Val or "Sarah" ... not to mention Poppasmurf and Sue who never mentioned the girl was blind.

    The real forces behind this are hiding behind YOUR skirts ladies... and Smurf.

  2. Tracie was not at the school when JS was visiting. She was there in 1979, and said she never saw him there. She was, of course, aware of her younger sister's situation and wasn't too happy about it, but the younger sister chose to not involve herself past making an initial statement to the authorities.

    1. So ? Wasn't happy with what situation ? An alleged kiss ? Sorry, but I don't believe either of them ! They didn't want to meet Levitt but were happy to go on TV and denounce the man. That's how I'm reading it. I wonder how much 'Sarah' was paid ?

    2. 1979 again... This legal/media manipulation of the public is so brazen again though. Ask anyone in Britain (outside of the few interested enough to look properly at all of this) when Jimmy Savile was ar Duncroft and they would all reply... 1974.... at Clunk-Click.

      Why did they so NEED to lie this way, if they had a meaningful story?

      And why is the story that is told told to the CPS by MsE so wildly different to the one told to the media by "Sarah"? The truth only has one story.

  3. Lucky for you, you have someone in the know here! But what you really need to know is you have gone too far this time! You need a new hobby, one that doesn't fuck off someone capable of being possibly the most annoying troll you have ever come across!

    1. Thank you ! I have two more words for you, F*** off !

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  4. Far as I know, the Tracie over at the Raccoon blog was the same Tracie I'd always been communicating with. The younger sister never went onto blogs, websites, message boards and the like. And Tracie never was involved in the television show, btw. She wasn't a big fan of the whole thing and certainly wasn't one of the 'in crowd.' She didn't know them personally, because they were all gone by the time she got to Duncroft, and as you can tell not happy that they were trying to 'out' her sister to support their dodgy tales. I don't think stealing a kiss rises to abuse either. Maybe a bit of a shock, but not something that is going to end you up in court!

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  5. Even Sally can see holes in your shoddy work! It's a sad day when your crap at a crap hobby! Time for a rethink..... Have you thought about getting a dog? It will get you out of the house once in awhile!

    1. That's your second comment posted, there will NOT be a third !

    2. Since you know all about the holes Anonymous, perhaps you could fill in the gaps?

      It's plain that the stories as told by the media are like Swiss Cheese.
      For starters, are you from 1974? Or 1979?
      There seems a major problem with the 1970's Duncroft stories.

    3. Maybe she's from both 1974 and 1979 ;-)

    4. I guess that electronic pooper scooper is going to be handy.

    5. Yes Misa, my blog, my publish button. I gave her a chance but all she offered was insults. She won't be heard again !