Friday, 17 April 2015

Open letter to Osborne Clark Solicitors !

In the last hour I have sent the following email to OC Solicitors who act for executors of Sir Jimmy Savile's estate. We've been in contact before, I had offered my services as a researcher for the scrutiny of the compensation claims. I was turned down on the basis that I'd never met or worked with Jimmy, so I blogged this hoping to reach others who had, not that it was going to make much difference given what we know now about the impossibility of the task of any scrutineer !
 Soon, my concerns were shared by a respected journalist in the main-stream media. David Rose mentions Bebe Roberts in this  article, a lady whose story will form part of my NEXT post. He's written three such articles in relation to alleged, fraudulent compensation claims. This was the first
I believe the High Court has to agree payment of any compensation claims. This is likely to take place in the next few months I think. I ask you, Osborne Clark and Nat West Bank, is this the way you protect the interests of an estate that was put in your hands, in good faith ?
As you read my recent blog posts, you will see that one of the stories has been challenged and legal proceedings are in place against Karin Ward. The man she accused is in a position to defend himself, Jimmy is not. So far, you have agreed to the payment of compensation, your fees, along with the likes of Slater Gordon, taking pride of place in the, who gets what, when and from whom. Isn't it time you and Nat West started considering tainted evidence ? Is it not the case that, evidence founded on lies is tainted ? 
Thank you !


  1. Bloody Hell...

    Three Wise Monkeys on the Tribunal I suspect, but hell has no fury like the truth spurned and thus the truth has a right to be given a voice.

    1. As I said on twitter Moor : the truth is like water, it always finds a way out !

  2. Well done that Rabbit!