Thursday, 23 April 2015

Charlotte !

Another day another exposer exposed ! Today it's Charlotte's turn. She's the first Duncroft woman he presents. But before she opens her mouth, he says this 
MWT "Savile was invited to the school to help raise it's profile" Er, no he wasn't, he was invited by Susan with the staff's and her mother's approval !
MWT "But soon, his frequent visits became the talk of the common room. Charlotte says she was 14 when she first met Savile there in 1974"
She then talks a load of nonsense about "teenage banter" and "oh here we go again, Jimmy Savile, so the way THEY spoke about it sometimes was like having a cup of tea"
Not to be outdone by her contemporaries, she recounts a tale about a campervan and a recording for a radio show.

Her story has been confirmed to be untrue because it implicates staff who've since been exonerated following Operation Outreach !
Now, the beauty of Charlotte's story is that it's been lifted from an event that actually happened. Jimmy DID record some of the girls in his camper van for his Savile's Travels program. BUT, the girls were from Norman Lodge so NONE of them were 14. Charlotte, you're a liar !
I wonder if anyone bothered to search the BBC radio archives for this recording ? Was it broadcast ? Why didn't Thomas use it ? 
Fiona's right in the middle of it again. In an extract from an email, she talks about the filmed interviews with MWT

 They filmed me back in March about 6 weeks ago and Charlotte was filmed on the Friday of the same week.  Mark has sent me emails EDITED   With regard who else will be there, I know that they want to film Carole Allen (Wells), Rochele Conway (Shepherd), Francis and of course Kat.

Carole Wells ? Was she in exposure ? Here's what she told the Telegraph

Here's how SWNS describe her 
I haven't spotted her yet ! maybe someone else could help and watch this shit again to see if her story matches anyone else.

By the way, I was wrong about Tracie's sister being on camera in Exposure, an actress played her instead. Not that it matters, she provided the story, the responsiblity is hers ! 

Who's next Guys and Gals ? Watch this space !
Just been reminded that Susan recounted the story about the radio show recording in the raccoon blog. Here's her recollection of the event !

Apologies for all these updates guys and gals. But I think you'll agree they are important.  


  1. Perhaps Charlotte was telling truth in that she was in the recording, but like Fiona admitted to the CPS that she was 17 when when her story of an encounter with Jimmy at Norman Lodge occurred.... so was Charlotte.

    The media have said all these females were 14 when in every single case they have turned out to be over 16... to whit their star witness who is now facing a defamation suit alone, was born in 1958, in a month that would have made her 16 when she attended her Clunk-Click show.

    Perhaps the media have made her into a liar by lying about the true facts of her story. Maybe she will come in here and put the record straight, at least insofar as what she really said and what the media deliberately falsified to make the story what THEY wanted.

    1. Moor, I've no doubt that these women were encouraged to lie. But, Charlotte's words come straight out of her mouth ! What more can one say ?

    2. People are easy to manipulate, especially if they have been convinced that they are "lying in a good cause"... to whit the unfortunate Bebe.

  2. Charlotte ended up in the soup - didn't remain at Duncroft and was removed to a much stricter environment. All that rubbish about the recordings and what happened to her, let alone she showed up on LSD after a home leave and was put in solitary overnight, which turned into all sort of imaginary nonsense. And as far as the hostel, Ms. Draycott has said repeatedly that JS NEVER came to the hostel, so I doubt that happened, as it would've have to have been under her supervision. Drilly never met Jimmy, I don't think. And why would he do that anyway - makes no sense. What was he going to tell his listeners? "Hello guys and gals, and now let's hear a few songs from a dodgy bunch of delinquents from an approved school!" Doesn't sound likely to me. Never heard that that happened either. Charlotte, btw, never even bothered to watch the TV show - she was allegedly at the hospital with her dying boyfriend. Can't make this stuff up.

    1. I guess you didn't see the addendum before you commented Sally !

    2. @sally .... * Can't make this stuff up *

      In the best spirit of this Pantomime.... "Oh yes they can!" ... :-D

  3. Well, I can't make it up! That was what I meant, I know that lot could make anything up! True what Susan said about the younger girls being confined, which also bolsters the truth that the girls who went to the BBC were certainly 16, pursuant to rules by both Duncroft and the BBC. The entire time on Careleavers, when this 'recording session' was discussed in some detail, there was never a mention of the girls at the hostel being involved in the project.

    1. Thanks Sally, interesting how her testimony to MWT begins with gossip in the common room. The common room being Careleavers Reunited !!

    2. An afterthought, Sally, the girls who went to the studios were NOT always 16. Susan was not 16 was she ? Karin may have been but Susan was still 15 as far as I'm aware.

    3. @age 15
      Susan went with her mother, and it was nothing to do with Duncroft at that point. It was after that, that the mother introduced Jimmy to the headmistress. "Susan’s Mother had stayed in contact with Savile, and so it came about that Susan and her Mother were invited to the Shepherd’s Bush theatre to see one of the Clunk-Click programmes being made during another home leave. They went together and sat in the 2nd row, accompanied by a group of Savile’s friends, his brother Johnny Savile and his sister-in-law. Later that night, Savile introduced Susan and her Mother to his ‘boss’ – a man she says was known as either ‘The Doc’ or ‘The Prof’ – though both are well known Northern terms for anyone you accept as being ‘superior’ to you, so this may not be an accurate nickname.

      Not long after this evening, Susan’s Mother arranged for Savile to visit her daughter at Duncroft – this was the first time he had ever been there – not ‘parachuted in’ as a result of his celebrity, as the media would have you believe, but visiting because he had taken a kindly interest in a girl who’s parents he had now become friends with. A ‘daughter’ he had always behaved impeccably towards despite temptation being placed squarely in his path by this rebellious teenager.

      The staff at Duncroft were dubious; single men were not allowed to visit girls there. Accordingly, the visit was only allowed to take place under supervision – in the Head Mistress’s study.

  4. Yes, Careleavers was a VERY interesting environment. Such a pity that some people behaved so badly that the message board was taken down. I could certainly liken it to the Junior Common Room at the old alma mater!

    1. Sally, when was the Duncroft section on careleavers active?

  5. Up until the end of 2012, then the administrator got tired of all the fussing and fighting and took it off line, saying he would resurrect it in mid 2013. That didn't happen.