Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Outreach the report !

Oh my God, Surrey Police appear to have accepted all the Duuncroft women told them. Well, most of it that is ! Here's the report published today

The first thing anyone with a brain will notice is that the alleged incidents are not individually dated, not even by the year ! All we get is this by way of time is this 
Now then guys and gals, where's the Clunk Click/BBC claims ?  They are NOT included in this report ! It describes abuse 'off site' 
But how can this have happened when all visits to the school were so tightly controlled ?
Despite evidence to the contrary we are being asked to believe that Jimmy was given unfettered access to all areas of the school
This report is rubbish for a number of reasons. It was NOT an investigation at all, just another 'assessment' exercise like Yewtree. The people behind this have no interest in truth or justice. I feel only contempt for them

Strange, no one appears to have accepted the stories of the girls who told the press that they had told the staff about their experiences at the time. I'll be delving more into this later !

Yes, the same Jon Savell
Neither use or ornament !

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  1. The dead hand of ACPO reaching out to strangle all the honesty out of British Policing.